Another Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom may be the last place you think of remodeling, but of all the rooms in your house, it is probably used and seen the most, and on a regular basis! A bathroom is a great place to start with a remodel of your home. The small space can be given a larger look just from redesigning a few features!

We can also help you with new organization and cabinet ideas to better utilize the space you have.

And why not give a new splash to the room! Lighting, textures, even a pattern in the shower can spruce up your look and make it feel brand new.

Here are some before photos from a recent remodel:

Thais 190 Thais 191 Thais 192 Thais - Burns 045 Thais - Burns 048

And here are some after photos! Simple, affordable, and the whole room has a new feel and look!

Issac, burns 003 Thais - Burns 212 Thais - Burns 229 Thais - Burns 230 Thais - Burns 232

Contact us for a quote, we'll let you know what we can do for you!