Utilization and Organization

Utilizing your space....

So many times in homes, whether it be after living there a while, or when someone points it out, we find that waste of space. Why is that corner not used? Why does the wall indent like that? How could I make better use of this space?

When we work on a project, we look at the best ways to improve the space and give the owners better organization and utilization of said space.

Whether it be a small increase, like a niche in the shower:


Or maybe something larger like a closet system to organize all of your clothing and shoes:


Or perhaps even adding a laundry area INTO your closet space:


Or increasing the space and storage in your laundry area:

laundry organization.jpg

Or even turning a hall closet into a half-bathroom:

Photo Mar 10, 9 00 14 AM.jpg

Maybe your bedroom needs some more storage or organization:


While of course there is the option of adding on room(s) to increase your space, sometimes that is not realistic so we have innovative ways we like to utilize to help increase your current space usage and maximize your space with good organization and storage techniques.

If you'd like to see what we can do with your space, contact us and let us share our ideas with you for utilization and organization in your home.