What is trending in Kitchen and Bath

Many customers are coming to us to remodel their kitchen or bath, arguably two of the most used rooms in the home! So what is trending now? What is new, contemporary, yet seemingly timeless as well?

Mixing materials: Using porcelain tile combined with other materials such as glass, marble, quartz, etc give a depth to the project and make the room more alive. Spencer 315Vogel, Burns 009Taylor,Lamorte,Thais 023Tiling changes: Using large format sizes, often up to 12" x 24" tiles, and less grout in between. The look proves to be a more smooth, uniform look. Sara bathroom 013Showers: Large walk-in showers are definitely the new trend. Away is the shower curtain and liner, replaced by beautiful frameless glass which opens up the whole bathroom. Shower heads that are removal to be used as a hand shower are almost automatically part of any design. Maitland, Oviedo, Wilson, Lamorte, Vogel MST 125Maitland, Oviedo, Wilson, Lamorte, Vogel MST 142Storage: Instead of having to purchase separate suction cup storage devices, the trend now is to build it in to the design. Very large niches for storage of shampoo, conditioner, etc, and a shower bench are definitely the current trend. Thais - Burns 215 remodelings 019 Maitland, Oviedo, Wilson, Lamorte, Vogel MST 140Shades of color: Shades of gray are the trend in color. The different tones are all about calm and provide an overall neutral feeling in the room. Natural stones, such as carrara marble, are classic materials that are easily found but add a special something to the design and, again, inspire calm in the space. 056 Vogel,Taylor,Oheler 308Patterns and Textures: Using different patterns and textures are present in almost all designs which lends to a greater creativity in the look of the space. Sara bathroom 054 Vogel, Burns 063We are excited about the current trends in kitchen and bath, as they seem to inspire calm, natural beauty and space, usefulness, creativity, and practicalness. Let us see how we can make your space current and contact us with any questions or for a quote.