Roller Shades

Roller shades have been popular since the 1970s but they are not out of date! They have been popular for so long for good reasons! No matter what color you choose, the exterior of the roller shade is extremely reflective, letting light in but blocking strong rays that can cause fade or other damage to fabric and furniture.

So many colors to choose from and maintenance and cleaning are very minimal for these type of blinds.

You can even choose the fabric. Sheer to opaque, patterns, textures, or solid colors.

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It's functional and fashionable. It looks beautiful and can accent a room like a painting, but also is functional in blocking out light, lessening harsh sun rays, or for privacy.

hunter douglas roller shades

The motorized versions allow for a centralized control of the blinds to raise and lower without have to go to the blinds themselves, a must-have for those hard to reach windows.

The clean and simple lines of a roller blind are pleasing to the eye. No crimped metal blinds bent by children or pets, no curtain hanging unevenly or tied up.


This is an economically affordable option that is still quite elegant and has so much versatility.

We will guide you to choose the best product for your house. We will bring all our catalogs to your house and measure in order to give you a free estimate. As a Hunter Douglas dealer, we know that their products are designed and custom-assembled at state-of-the-art product development facilities and manufacturing and fabrication plants around the United States. (website FAQ)

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