Screen it!

Looking for ways to expand? Have you thought about using that porch that's collecting lizards, spiders, fallen leaves, and dirt? S-4 581


A screened in porch has so many practical functions besides just increasing your living space. We can screen in what you have, or even extend it about a bit.

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In Florida, we have heat and rain and that doesn't differ much, but why not enjoy the weather all year avoiding the mosquitoes and actual rain.


The architecture of our construction makes a positive impact because instead of the low ceilings you usually see, we can also (like this one) give your screened porch a high roof.


The high roof creates much needed air flow for greater temperature control.

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A screened in porch also saves you from cleaning all that falling debris and makes a nice safe environment for you to enjoy the outdoors with the whole family.


Contact us and let us see how we can help you enjoy the outside year round!