The Best Bang For Your Buck-Part 2

Early March we posted a blog about one of our current clients who had gotten a few bids from other companies who wanted to totally redesign their bathroom (at a high rate!). We came in with our digital outlay and showed them what we could do to their existing layout to make it a new space without rearranging the whole room (and costing them a fortune). Now, the project is done! See our digital plans on the last post, and here are some actual photos of the results!

Sara bathroom 012 Sara bathroom 013 Sara bathroom 014

A functional and sleek shower setup.


Sara bathroom 017 Sara bathroom 022

Beautiful storage and cabinets in perfectly contrasting and complimentary colors that run from the door to the floor to the shower to the sink and vanity.

Sara bathroom 025 Sara bathroom 027

Good lighting, windows, and mirrors help expand the feel of the room.

Sara bathroom 047


A truly elegant space completed with proper planning, use of digital design technology, and all within a great budget!

Would you like to see some side-by-sides of the plan and the final outcome? Visit our Before & After page!

The area looks totally different without moving much around!


Sansung S3, Thais, Oviedo, Etc 467


Sara bathroom 048


Sansung S3, Thais, Oviedo, Etc 466


Bathroom - AFTER

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