A Spa-Style Bathroom


Our clients wanted “A spa-style bathroom” design and we were happy to make their dream, a space where they could relax and forget the outside world, come true. 2015-12-14 13.07.20

We demolished everything and started with a blank slate. By changing the layout of the bathroom we were able to accommodate a free standing tub, ideal in their new spa-like setting.

Before:Oliveras, varios 247

After:2015-12-14 13.13.42

We flipped the shower and toilet areas which made room for two vanities.


Oliveras, varios 243


2015-12-14 13.15.40

To create a softer feeling and achieve the desired serenity of our clients, we used a color palette of soft gray-toned 12x24 tiles on the shower walls and floor, making the perfect backdrop for the elegant Moen shower system that includes shower head, diverter, hand shower, and rain shower.

2015-12-14 12.48.45

The contrast of the glass tile used in the shower and tub niches, and the backsplash above the sink, and the chrome finish of the fixtures, gives a sparkle that completely complements the design.

Spa-Style Bathroom Remodel - AFTER

For a more sophisticated and contemporary look, white Quartz was used in the vanity cabinets, contrasting with the dark wood.

2015-12-14 13.15.56

Contact us to see what we can do with your bathroom! Even if you think your space is small, with some redesign and shuffling, a spa space can also be yours!