Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen

Our latest project was an upgrade and redesign of a kitchen to a more contemporary and minimalistic style. 

Here are the before pictures of what we were working with. The client was looking to open up the kitchen to the family room, modernize this kitchen from the 90s when builders used to compartmentalize all areas and build soffits where they weren't needed.


During the process, we gutted the room to start fresh. We removed walls, added new lighting, cabinets, and countertops. Since all new was going in, we went down to basics to start fresh, with a new look.


In the end, the kitchen turned out so amazing.


The design concept for this kitchen was to work with the same layout as much as possible, but at the same time give the client a completely different kitchen. We achieved this by incorporating more countertop area and new cabinet color, like this gorgeous 'Cobblestone' finish. 


The use of oversized drawers and different hardware styles on the cabinets, give the kitchen cabinets a pop and a more interesting, contemporary look while also giving the most functionality to each door/drawer.


White, elongated, hexagonal tiles as the new backsplash also contribute to the overall contemporary, minimalist style, while also bringing together the new cabinets and quartz countertop. 


Removing the soffit and the old in-ceiling fluorescent tube lighting and installing 6" recessed  cans and adding these beautiful, simple, contemporary pendant lights not only improved the lighting in the room, but also added elegance to this kitchen.


And the final touch, the pantry door painted with a blackboard finish for inspirational note, messages to each other, menus, or a great place to express your artistic side whether age 5 or 95!