The New Banister

When you think of a banister*, you often picture a wooden handrail with nicely spaced wooden balusters* connecting it to the staircase, but what does an iron banister look like? 

We did this recent project in Lake Nona, where the existing banister was made of wood but thy homeowners wanted something more updated.


The newest trend in banister design, is a metal railing, typically of iron, steel aluminum, or stainless steel.


We took several design ideas to the customer, all of which met Florida Building code on height, distance between balusters, et al, and they chose the one they liked most.

IMG_3152 lt.jpg

Banisters are not something you can just slap into place, they need to be well attached and strong so they can hold an adult's weight if they lean into it.


After the banister is welded together, it is given a powder coat to give it a long lasting image and strength.


Within the balister are many design options. You have the top handrail, the design of the balusters, the option of glass panels, artistic engraving elements, and even mixing medium with a wooden handrail but metal balusters.

There are many options to a new banister. If you are looking to update yours, contact us and we will show you all of the many options to create your own personal look.


banister before after.png

*Banister: The handrail and balusters that run along a staircase to assist in moving up and down the staircase.

*Baluster: The vertical, spaced, bars under the handrail of a banister along a staircase.