Vertical Wall Garden

A client asked us if we could help them with making vertical wall gardens at their home. While we do love gardening, this was a little new for us. With some research, we fell in love with this style of gardening!

The bags we use are Easy Garden Pocket Hanging Vertical Garden Wall Planter, indoor/outdoor. Dimensions: 29cm (L) x 72.5cm (W)


Some of the many features we love are:

- Perfect for hanging herbs under your kitchen window - just screw to the windowsill and reach out for fresh herbs every day!


- Block out that hideous fence

- Increase your home's growing space

- Made from non-toxic recycled PET from plastic bottles


- Eco-friendly and biodegradable

- Two-chamber design allows for strong roots to grow while maintaining moisture levels

- Excess water will automatically drain/soak through felt material

- Features several pockets to plant different plants


- Woven reinforcing straps and loops

- Suitable for indoors or outdoors

- Great way to create a feature wall in your home or garden

garden-wall - Easy to hang from any location

- Insulate that western wall


- Add color, life, and freshness to your home!


While we can set these up indoors, we do not recommend using them in certain spaces unless some preparation is done as the water will come out a little to prevent over watering.

Firstly stick a plastic waterproof paper to the wall for leaks to roll down and avoid damage to the wall.

Secondly if the plants needs lots of water, please place a water-collecting bucket or basin under the vertical planter.

If these easy prevention steps are followed, there will be no damage to your wall or floor.

living-wall-large-vertical-garden-3 Contact us for information and further discounts on multiple services!