Open Concept

Are you looking to get a more open concept in your home? What is an open concept? Open concept is the design style where there are less walls delineating rooms. This concept brings a more social aspect to homes, can offer greater options in natural and optimal lighting, and can offer the appearance of a larger space.'

Functionally, the open concept allows for more connectivity between the rooms of the house, a larger feel with less walls and seemingly larger spaces, can provide more counter-top or storage space where walls used to be.

Psychologically, the open space can help you feel happier, less confined. The options for natural lighting are always a plus where walls may block said light, not to mention the positive feelings from not being excluded from social activities in other rooms just because you are getting drinks, snacks, preparing or cleaning up from a meal.

Above is a before picture from a recent open concept project we completed. The kitchen had a small opening to the family room and walls around it.

The client asked us to open up the kitchen to the other rooms in order to accommodate large groups of people for entertaining.

This 80s house had the typical compartmentalized footprint so we worked to modernize and open up the space as much as possible by removing walls, renovating cabinets, re-tiling the floors (to maintain the same flooring thought out the house), painting walls, re-texturing the ceiling, adding more lighting, and more.


Before and after of the entry wall removal:

We created a kitchen that is now the center of the house. The island dimension was influential in the design because they wanted to have the cooking and prep area and also seat 4 people so we started there for this design.

The counter-top is POMPEII Quartz.


If you'd like to see what an open concept remodel might do for your home, let us give you advice and a 3-D digital design concept, maybe it's just what's needed to start dreaming about the possibilities of your house.

Here are a few more photos from this open concept kitchen design's final look: