Cabinets-Beauty and Function

Cabinets, we may take them for granted sometimes. But they are a place we store our dishes away from dust and dog hair, we hide our miscellaneous pens and pencils and rubber bands in our junk drawer, we use them to even bring beauty and function into a room. Burms, varios 368

We custom make cabinets, using only real wood.

Burms, varios 369

Cabinets like this are a project we're working on now. A built-in buffet and wine cabinet.

Burms, varios 373

A home office? More and more people are using a home office and cabinets can keep the room organized and clean!

Office Office (2)

Functionality, like moving pull out drawers, are a simple yet useful tool we can include in your custom cabinet build.

Sara, Sandra cabinet 046

Have a large TV or something you'd like included in your design? We custom each build to your needs and desires.

TV Room

Pick out your hardware, knobs can make a difference!

TV Room (2)

Your bathroom? Sure! Not all bathrooms give you much space but we can utilize cabinets and drawers to give you optimal use out of your much used bathroom space.


Vanity (2)Big or small, we will customize cabinets for you. We will do the design and custom build them. Contact us today for an in-home consultation and let's see how we can improve your space!