Renovating a Children's Bathroom

Bathrooms that are child friendly are sometimes a challenge, especially if they are a shared bathroom for guests. They need storage to keep toys and such, and functionality for both visiting adult guests and the children of the home.

In this recent kids’ bathroom remodel, we worked with giving the children a place to have their own while adding beauty for the guests.

Special features made this bathroom both functional and accessible for the children.

Glass shower doors above the tub allow for a clean see-through door, enclosure for privacy for guests, and less splash factor.


Lowered handles provide accessibility for all heights,


and easy gripability for little hands


Easy pull out drawers provide organization for each child for tooth care, hair care, and bath toys.


Lowered built-in shower shelf for accessible shampoo and soap.


Dual faucets with step stools so each child can access their side with a vessel sink to help avoid splashing and spillover.