Being Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient is a high priority for many consumers. Not only for the 'saving the Earth' factor, but also for saving money. 

One of the easiest and cost efficient ways to save some money is to replace your windows with a more energy efficient window. So many older homes were built with frames that now seep in heat, or cold, and let out your paid for heat, or cool air, costing money that does not need to be spent.



Replacing and resealing those window frames will be a huge reduction in energy costs.


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Double pane windows, aluminum windows, and tinted glass are energy efficiency factors that can save heating and cooling costs and still let natural light in and allow you to see out.


Sunlight can damage your flooring, appliances, paint, and other investments in your home. There are cost-effective, energy efficient ways to protect your home and property while still allowing natural light into your home.


The best windows for energy efficiency will have a higher R-value. An R-value is a mathematical equation (Temperature difference x area x time/heat loss) that reflects insulation and energy saving efficiency. R-value measures the ability (or resistance) of an object to transfer hot and cold through materials.

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If new windows aren't in your budget right now but you are interested in being energy efficient, shutters can also help as they have an R-value, too. 


Saving energy, saving money, protecting your investment, and a beautiful new look are all fantastic reasons to consider replacing your windows or adding shutters to your home.