Bathroom Remodel

Looking to make a facelift to the bathroom? It's one of our most popular places to begin in a home. In this particular recent remodel, we were looking for increasing space and storage and modernizing the look.

As you can see in the before, the space was cluttered and in need of repair and updating.

Laura S., Laura L., 032 Laura S., Laura L., 037Some simple but effective changes and the space became magical. Clean lines, new fixtures, recessed shelving above the tub, new lighting, and a little rearranging and the space is new and modern. Here are a few Before & Afters:


                       Laura S., Laura L., 034AFTER

Oliveras, varios 074


Laura S., Laura L., 035


Oliveras, varios 078

As you can see,  the frameless shower enclosure and freestanding tub open up the space, along with the lighting, colors of the tiles, lines, and shelving.

Oliveras, varios 062

A freestanding tub is a really strong design accent, and it gives you more opportunity to add personality to your bathroom since there are so many styles to choose from.

Oliveras, varios 070 Oliveras, varios 076

What would you like to have more of or changed in your bathroom space? Contact us and let us know what you'd like to do. We'll see your space and design just what you need!