Cabinet Refinishing

Sometimes a whole room remodel just isn't in the cards, but a whole new look can be obtained from something as simple as cabinet refinishing or upgrading. Below, see some before and after images of the projects and ideas that we have recently done! Painted cabinets can add a new look and style to a kitchen or bathroom for a fraction of the cost of a new set of wood cabinets or vanities. Removing the old countertop and installing a new marble or granite top will complement the upgrade of your vanity.

Before: Taylor before After: Taylor after

Re-staining over existing finishes involves the use of a gel stain and can produce dramatic changes at a fraction of the cost.

Before: Thais 001 (2) After: ThaisAfter

Create a contrast between existing kitchen cabinets with only changing the color of your island or a certain set of cabinets. The contrast will deepen the room and freshen the look. Before: Island Before After: Island After

Working around a structure like an existing built-in cabinet fireplace can seem challenging but this is a good example of how we worked with it without demolishing everything, and made it the focal point of the house.

Before: NATE house 004 After: may blog cab2

Replacing doors, drawer fronts, and hardware can provide a new contemporary look. Shaker style doors are the most used, but we have many options to choose from. Before: Howard Before After: Howard After


Whether it's part of a larger project, or just a spring spruce up and makeover, we can help you with your remodeling needs!

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