New Addition-Part Two

The addition is finished! Remodeling took place inside the home, plus some added space (900 sq ft!) that they had been told twice couldn't be done. Before:

Thais 001


Thais, Birth, Dinner 013


home, remodel, complete, add on

In case you didn't see our blog with some of the before information and photos, to help our client, we came up with the idea of an entertainment area where the pool table would be a focal point

Vogel, Burns 070 Vogel, Burns 072 Vogel, Burns 077 Vogel, Burns 083

Also, a TV room and 2 bedrooms

Vogel, Burns 069 025

and a bathroom

Burns, Thais 005 Vogel, Burns 059 Vogel, Burns 060 Vogel, Burns 063 Vogel, Burns 064 Vogel, Burns 065

Before they didn't have a living room because the pool table was in that space, and the colors and arrangement were dated. We built according to blue prints and came up with new decorating and design, and they gained 900 sq.ft. and a new look.

In the end, satisfied customers, and we were also very happy with how the project turned out!

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