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2,000 sq. ft. Addition


In our latest addition project, we were tasked with almost doubling the square footage of a home.

Guest Bathroom Remodel

Services, Before and After

In this remodel, we worked on improving the guest bathroom, arguably the most used room in the house!

Besides it being for guests, it is accessible to the whole family, and the most convenient bathroom for general use.

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Custom Garage Organization and Storage


These are two recent garage organization projects in The Villages and Oviedo, Florida.


2nd Floor Addition

Before and AfterServices

A two-story ceiling can add a dramatic look to a living room and has been a very popular home design in the past few decades, but to many it is also wasted space, or space better used to live in.

This is exactly what our most recent remodel came about from, utilizing the space in their home better by completing out a 2nd floor over the current living room space.


Renovating a Children's Bathroom

Before and AfterServices

Bathrooms that are child friendly are sometimes a challenge, especially if they are a shared bathroom for guests. They need storage to keep toys and such, and functionality for both visiting adult guests and the children of the home.


Closet and Master Bath Makeover

Before and AfterServices

“Makeover” may be a light term for this project in beautiful Winter Park, Florida we did recently. With almost complete demolition of the master bath and closet space, this was a total overhaul.


Total Bathroom Remodel


In this recent master bathroom total remodel, we first removed all of the old wall and drywall, to expose all plumbing and make everything up to-date before installing the new fixtures, cabinets, and tiles.


Mountain Farm Home Renovation

Before and AfterServices

We took on a home renovation project in beautiful Fletcher, NC this month. Fletcher is a small town, population around 7,500, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, just south of Asheville.


Kitchen - Updated and Modernized for Family and Friends

ServicesBefore and After

Our most recent kitchen renovation was a special overhaul for a family who wanted a modern, beautiful kitchen that had a flow with the adjoining spaces, coordinated with the rest of the house, and be a central location for entertaining friends and catching up with family.


The New Banister


When you think of a banister, you often picture a wooden handrail with nicely spaced wooden balusters connecting it to the staircase, but what does an iron banister look like? 

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Quartz, Granite, or Marble - Focus: Marble


We hope you've enjoyed reviewing the top three countertop materials with us so far, Quartz, Granite, and now Marble.

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Quartz, Granite, or Marble - Focus: Granite


Let's focus on Granite countertops today. 


Quartz, Granite, or Marble - Focus: Quartz


For the next few blogs this month, we're going to examine three of the most popular countertop surfaces: Quartz, Granite, and Marble.


Furniture for Windows


If you are looking for a way  to block out the sun but are not one for curtains, one way is to add some custom wood shutters, furniture for your windows.


Transitional Kitchen


This kitchen is the centerpiece of the house, so to speak. Located central to all locations and open to the living room, it needs to have a polished look as a gathering place, while keeping its functionality as a kitchen. 


Bathroom Remodel - Final Step: Tile and Paint

Before and AfterServices

With the underneath framework completed, it was time to move on to the façade. 


Bathroom Remodel - Next Step: Framing & Walls

Before and AfterServices

After the demolition, carefully done to keep the tub in place and protect all parts in the bathroom and minimize cost, we moved on to making a new base for the new look.


Bathroom Remodel - First Step: Demolition

Before and AfterServices

In this bathroom remodel, the client wanted to keep the basic layout of the bathroom but update it to a farm style with new flooring, walls, cabinets, and countertop.

First step: Demolition


Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen

Before and AfterServices

Our latest project was an upgrade and redesign of a kitchen to a more contemporary and minimalistic style. 


Utilization and Organization


Utilizing your space....

So many times in homes, whether it be after living there a while, or when someone points it out, we find that waste of space. Why is that corner not used? Why does the wall indent like that? How could I make better use of this space?

When we work on a project, we look at the best ways to improve the space and give the owners better organization and utilization of said space.


Being Energy Efficient



Being energy efficient is a high priority for many consumers. Not only for the 'saving the Earth' factor, but also for saving money. 


Open Concept


Are you looking to get a more open concept in your home? What is an open concept? Open concept is the design style where there are less walls delineating rooms. This concept brings a more social aspect to homes, can offer greater options in natural and optimal lighting, and can offer the appearance of a larger space.'

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Our Design Process


At All Time Services, our design process is well honed after years of service. We take comments from clients on their experiences and use them to improve our process so it is the most helpful to you, our client.


Builder’s Choice Kitchen Remodel

Before and AfterServices

  When you buy a house in Florida in a new development, you will get a nice footprint, probably a great back yard, but also you will get what the builder chooses for all the houses in your neighborhood.

But don’t think  you have to stick with that because it seems too expensive to upgrade it by yourself. With the right professionals you can get what you dream at a reasonable price.

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Using Small Spaces

Before and AfterServices

Have a small space you don't know what to do with it? Looking for more room in your house without adding on square footage? We were tasked with changing a small laundry closet into a more useful space for a family.


Changing Your Home For Your Current Needs

Before and AfterServices

Unless you have small children, or a lot of time, it seems that today's lifestyle is so fast and dynamic that those moments to relax and take a warm bath are less each day. In other words, the bath tub in your home is probably rarely used.


Get Inspired


What inspires you? Is it a person or maybe something you see at a friend's house? Family, friends, a photo you see in a magazine or online? We attended KBIS 2017 (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) earlier this month and what an inspiration it was, and is, to us.


Ranch Style Home Remodel-In Progress

Before and AfterServices

We are nearing completion of the Ranch Style Home Remodel we told you about in our last blog.


Ranch Style Home Remodel

Before and AfterServices

In this project we had a customer describe the transformation they wanted to make in their old ranch-style home where each room is defined by walls and often shut off by doors. 

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Kitchen Transformation

Before and AfterServices


We recently finished a kitchen redesign for a family and the transformation is amazing. 




A flooring project starts with defining the material to use. 

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Roller Shades


Roller shades have been popular since the 1970s but they are not out of date! They have been popular for so long for good reasons...


Before and After

Before and AfterServices

We are so excited to show all the before and afters of some of our favorite projects! 

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Modern Bathroom

Before and AfterServices

Many Florida homes built in the 1970’s, at least those built in characteristic cookie cutter neighborhoods, feature Master Bedroom setups that leave much to be desired.

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A Spa-Style Bathroom

Before and AfterServices

Our clients wanted “A spa-style bathroom” design and we were happy to make their dream, a space where they could relax and forget the outside world, come true.

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Historical Restoration - Finale

Before and AfterServices

The restoration of the porch on the historic church/home is completed!


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Holiday Organization

Before and AfterServices

Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Winter.... So many decorations and inevitably each year you are getting out snow globes and find that turkey that would have been perfect on the mantle.

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Vertical Wall Garden


A client asked us if we could help them with making vertical wall gardens at their home. 


Outdoor Kitchen Living


Especially here in Florida, even in the heat of summer, we spend a lot of time cooking and eating and being outdoors. 

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Bathroom Remodel

Before and AfterServices

Looking to make a facelift to the bathroom? It's one of our most popular places to begin in a home. 

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Historical Restoration - In Progress

Before and AfterServices

Hello everyone! We wanted to update you on the progress made on the Memorial Chapel (now a home) in the Lake Charm community that we blogged about last month.

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Historical Restoration-The Beginning

Before and AfterServices

We have been asked to help restore parts of a beautiful Memorial Chapel (now a home) in the Lake Charm community.

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Cabinet Refinishing

Before and AfterServices

Sometimes a whole room remodel just isn't in the cards, but a whole new look can be obtained from something as simple as cabinet refinishing or upgrading. 

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What is trending in Kitchen and Bath


Many customers are coming to us to remodel their kitchen or bath, arguably two of the most used rooms in the home! So what is trending now?

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The Best Bang For Your Buck-Part 2

Before and AfterServices

Earlier we posted a blog about one of our current clients who had gotten a few bids from other companies who wanted to totally redesign their bathroom. Now, the project is done!